About Us

Welcome to NeVille & Associates, an immigration service you can trust.  Our team comprises of experienced and dedicated professionals with over a half century of combined knowledge, and a background in Government, Embassy, Housing Initiatives and Immigration.  We pride ourselves on the combination of our background and reputation, one that provides our clients with a unique advantage in how their case is managed and presented.  We leverage our experience to drive positive outcomes for our clients, employers, businesses and communities.

What sets us apart is our commitment keeping updated with immigration law to making things happen.  Our education, extensive and specialized experience, enables us to navigate challenges and deliver results that exceed expectations.  We are here for you, to educate and to represent individuals, families, employers, and businesses, navigate through the complexity of the ever-changing immigration process.  We focus on providing the most positive client-focused solutions possible.  It is our passion to help make a difference.

A message from the CEO/Founder

We differentiate ourselves by exclusively being a collaborative cloud-based firm, which allows us many advantages. Using the latest cloud-based technologies, we can provide services to anyone in the world that has an internet connection and a desire to prepare their immigration submission right the first time”. Our motto is “People First”, we cater to you on an individual basis, no two cases are the same. Call us now to set up your consultation.